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Paste Reviews “Far From the Tree”

Sundance Selects and Participant Media present Far from the Tree: A Film by Rachel Dretzin. Opening in theaters and VOD July 20, 2018.

By Andy Crump

… Trump plays no part in Rachel Dretzin’s Far From the Tree, a documentary distilled from Andrew Solomon’s book of the same name, but the film rebukes his cruelty regardless by doing what cinema does so well: highlighting humanity. Solomon, serving as the film’s narrator, a bridge between each of his subjects and a subject in his own right, wrote his book in 2012 as a way of forgiving his family, specifically his late mother, for rejecting him on account of sexual orientation.

… Dretzin takes two keywords, “normal” and “different,” and makes a film about people who stand apart from their families in various ways—physical, mental or in extreme cases, moral. … Far From the Tree isn’t about Dretzin making a point or serving as an advocate. It’s about ceding space to disabled voices and letting them tell their stories in their words.

Together they weave an empathetic mosaic. …

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