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On my radar: Andrew Solomon’s cultural highlights

Kathryn Bromwich queries Andrew Solomon for this occasional column offering one person’s snapshot of their current cultural life.

Dada Woof Papa Hot

This play at the Lincoln Center in New York is about a gay couple who have a child. I went with my husband and when we got home we had a big argument. There was so much we had both put aside in our experience of being gay parents that was so brilliantly delineated by the play that it was brought up to the surface. It’s about how becoming a parent changes who you are, and for gay people, especially of my generation, there is a sense that I never planned on this, so even though it’s appealing in a lot of ways, it represents a gross disruption of everything that I expected to happen. The play spoke deeply to me, and was so brilliantly constructed, and in many places hilarious.

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