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Newsweek Japan Interviews “Far From the Tree” Director Rachel Dretzin

Far From the Tree (Iro Tori Dori) poster

By Nozomi Ohashi


親子の関係についてだけでなく、自分とは異なる面を持つ他者をどう受け入れるかということも考えさせてくれるのが、ドキュメンタリー映画『いろとりどりの親子』だ(日本公開中)。自閉症やダウン症、低身長症などの子供とその家族6組を追ったもので、作家アンドリュー・ソロモンがさまざまな困難を抱える300組以上の親子に取材したベストセラー『Far From the Tree』を原作としている。

映画の英題でもある『Far From the Tree』は、The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.(リンゴは木から遠い場所には落ちない=子は親に似るもの)ということわざから来ている。映画には原作者ソロモンも登場し、ゲイであることで悩んだ経験や父との和解などが描かれる。本作のレイチェル・ドレッツィン監督に本誌・大橋希が話を聞いた。

We do not know what kind of child will be born until the moment of birth. We do not know what kind of human that child will grow up to be. If a child is different from “ordinary”, is parents’ affection for those children different from “normal”?

The documentary movie Far From the Tree (Iro Tori Dori) is not only about the relationship between parent and child, but also about how to accept others who appear different from yourself. Andrew Solomon, author of the best selling book, Far From the Tree, interviewed over 300 pairs of parents and children with various difficulties, such as autism, Down’s syndrome, and short stature; the film follows six children and their families.

The title “Far From the Tree” comes from the proverb, “the apple does not fall far from the tree” (meaning that children resemble their parents). The original author Solomon also appears in the film, and his experience of being gay and his reconciliation with his father is explored. I interviewed Rachel Dretzin about the movie for this magazine.

(To read the complete interview, in Japanese, please visit Newsweek Japan.)