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What are the “Far from the Tree” characters up to now?

Photo: Participant Media

Photo: Participant Media

By Gregory Wakeman

Far from the Tree is a powerful and important reminder that much more unites rather than divides us.

Rachel Dretzin’s stunning documentary does just that by showing us the lives of Jason [who has Down syndrome], autistic Jack, Loini, Leah and Joseph, each of whom are little people, and the Reese family, whose eldest son Trevor is serving life in prison.

But since Far from the Tree was shot over two years ago, I was dying to get an update on its characters. Luckily, during my recent interview with the filmmaker, Dretzin was more than happy to provide just that.

“We stayed very much in contact with the families. All the way through, and definitely lately as the film has been released we are talking more. Every single family came to New York for the premiere.”

(To read the full interview, please visit Metro.)