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Daily Journal: Solomon profiles the “search for identity”

Jack and Bob Allnutt, in Rachel Dretzin's documentary, "Far from the Tree," based on Andrew Solomon's book.

Daily Journal: What do you hope your film will accomplish?

Solomon: I really would like it to address two communities. One is the community it represents. I would like it to make it easier for the parents of children with differences. I would like it to make things easier for children with differences.

I would like it to accelerate the process of acceptance and help parents get there faster. And I would like it to reach out into the larger world. We’re living at a time in which there is a terrible deficit in compassion in the highest halls of the government.

We have a government that deliberately is separating children from their parents to punish illegal immigrants. We live in a time that is morally corrupt and bankrupt. This film is about compassion. I hope it will reach out to a larger group of people and say, “All those people you’re ready to write off, they may have something to say. They may be incredibly bright. They may be incredibly interesting. Don’t throw anyone away.” That’s really the message.

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