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Humbling proof a parent’s love really can overcome all

When Andrew Solomon told his parents he was gay, their reaction was both instant… and devastating.

His ‘choice’, they told him, was nothing short of a catastrophe. Their disapproval would plunge the twentysomething into years of anxiety and self-doubt.

His feelings of inadequacy led him on a ten-year research project that resulted in a bestselling book. Now it has been turned into a documentary, Far From The Tree (available on Netflix).

[T]he parents featured in Solomon’s documentary… pour love, time, energy and money into securing their children’s wellbeing.

…The little acorn is supposed to fall near the tree — and when it doesn’t, everything seems turned upside down. Adjusting to this state of affairs is not easy.… Yet this is precisely the challenge that the parents in this documentary have met, triumphantly… Over years of adversity, these parents have come to take their child as he or she is, rather than as they had wished them to be.

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