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A Killer in the Family

by Sarah LeTrent

…More than a decade after the gruesome school shooting that left 12 students and one teacher dead, the parents of Columbine shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold remain largely silent. Susan Klebold, the mother of Dylan, finally opened up in a 2009 issue of Oprah Magazine with a personal essay titled “I Will Never Know Why.” … After the essay was published, she and her husband, Tom, resumed their silence, until Klebold attended a lecture by author Andrew Solomon. Solomon was working on a book, Far From the Tree, that explored children who were vastly different from their parents, whether through autism, dwarfism, homosexuality or crime, and in the Klebolds’ case, murder.

… “I think they spoke to me because they wanted to ensure that Dylan was known with his nuances, as someone who was capable of kindness, himself, even though he ultimately engaged in a terrible act,” Solomon said. “I expected to find an explanation for why Dylan had grown up capable of doing something so horrific. What I found instead was that the better I knew Tom and Sue, the more bewildering it all became.”

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