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Articles by Andrew Solomon: Visual Art

Mar 1999

Nomad’s Land

In Mongolia, the very existence of an avant-garde comes as a surprise.

Sep 1998

Inanimate Selves, Alternate Realities

Puppet artists are fully aware of the complexity of their medium: as Mr. Paska has said, they are "out on a limb between the angel and the machine."

Sep 1998

Art in China: Censorship, Secrecy, and the Struggle to be Heard

In a society in which art is repressed, it gains in urgency what it loses in visibility.

Aug 1998

As Asia Regroups, Art Has a New Urgency

In the first North Asian Biennial, work from China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan raises issues of national identity and tradition.

May 1998

China: 5,000 Years

It isn't easy to mount a terrible show in which each piece of art is absolutely fantastic.

Feb 1998

Bill Viola’s Video Arcade

Viola uses technology to blur the distinctions between the visible and the invisible, the abstract and the concrete...

Feb 1997

Dot Dot Dot

A profile of the artist Yayoi Kusama.

Aug 1996

On Each Palette, a Choice of Political Colors

On Taiwan, style is ideology. Traditional suggests unification with Beijing; conceptual, independence; oils, the ruling centrists.

Mar 1996

“Don’t Mess With Our Cultural Patrimony!”

A tale of politically loaded Chinese treasures, angry young Taiwanese, nervous corporate sponsors, and a sudden punch in the face.

Nov 1995

Günther Förg

Günther Förg's photos of Moscow are very, very beautiful. This comes as no surprise vis-a-vis Förg, but is really quite astonishing vis-a-vis Moscow.