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Articles by Andrew Solomon: Marriage & Family

Jun 2016

LGBTQ Americans have won many victories. That can’t make us complacent.

The US is no longer quite as queer-phobic, but it remains a land where success has blinded many people, LGBTQ or otherwise, to the constant guerrilla warfare that we must ...

Dec 2015

7 Things I’ve Learned From Raising 4 Kids with 6 Parents

Parenthood is always a steep learning curve, and it was even steeper for us, given how many expectations we were defying.

Dec 2015

On Gay Parenting

Children confiscate your mask, leaving you far more exposed than lovers can.

May 2015

Which Chopstick Is the Fork?

We are not lesser but we are not the same.

Dec 2014

A Country Called Childhood, by Jay Griffiths

Her book is both... a quixotic slippage into wistfulness, and also an exegesis of freedom, a panegyric to heedless ways.

Dec 2014

Far from the Tree

Love is ideally present unconditionally throughout the relationship between a parent and a child. But acceptance is something that takes time.

May 2014

The Stolen Generations

The fact that so many Indigenous children continue to be taken into care is deeply concerning – but there are no simple answers.

May 2014

Welcome to My Modern Family

My persistent dark fantasy was that I would have children and wouldn't like them and would be stuck with them for the rest of my life.

Apr 2014

Honey Maid and the Business of Love

Andrew Solomon looks at Honey Maid's new radical ad campaign and how the company responded to the negative reactions it sparked.

Mar 2014

Gay Marriage Has Changed How Others Treat Us

I cannot pretend that our life is the same and I cannot pretend that my children will never face prejudice, but I do feel, in both countries now, that we are being given ...