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Articles by Andrew Solomon: Interviews & Profiles

Oct 1995

Gore Vidal Receives a Visitor

Vidal of the memoir is, depressingly enough, as charming as a poodle skirt with a tennis sweater, as chic as old Balenciaga.

Sep 1995

Only in America

You can't help liking Kato Kaelin once you actually meet him.

Mar 1995

Bruce Nauman, Complex Cowboy

Viewing his influential artwork is like walking through psychoanalysis: full of obsession, anxiety and wisdom.

Feb 1995

The Vision Thing

As a major Richard Avedon exhibition opens in London, Andrew Solomon meets America's most famous and elusive photographer in New York.

Nov 1991

The Art of Friendship

Heiner Bastian surrounds himself with work by artists he knows.

Jan 1991

Fashioning a Style

Costume curator Katell le Bourhis is a connoisseur of chic, past and present.

Sep 1990

Decorators’ Private Domains

When the only client they have to accommodate is themselves, decorators give free rein to personal taste.