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Articles by Andrew Solomon: Interviews & Profiles

Sep 2002

True to Life

Both in his life and in his work, Frank Moore harnessed outrage as an engine of creation and kept bitterness at bay.

Jan 2001

Homme Alone


Apr 2000

A Man of Character

Jeremy Irons interviewed by Andrew Solomon.

Mar 1999

Balancing Act

The designer John Bartlett has made his name by combining the familiar with the unexpected. Andrew Solomon looks at the man behind the label.

Feb 1998

Bill Viola’s Video Arcade

Viola uses technology to blur the distinctions between the visible and the invisible, the abstract and the concrete...

Feb 1997

The Jazz Martyr

Keith Jarrett still considers himself the conscience of jazz, and he doesn't hesitate to tell you why.

Feb 1997

Dot Dot Dot

A profile of the artist Yayoi Kusama.

Aug 1996

Questions of Genius

Encounters with piano virtuoso Evgeny Kissin.

Apr 1996

Morris Code

While Mark Morris breaks up and repeatedly surprises your expectations, he also surprises his own.

Dec 1995

The Divine Intercourse

Elaine Pagels talks about religion and the world, and why we turn people into devils.