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Articles by Andrew Solomon: International Reporting

Sep 1998

Art in China: Censorship, Secrecy, and the Struggle to be Heard

In a society in which art is repressed, it gains in urgency what it loses in visibility.

Aug 1998

As Asia Regroups, Art Has a New Urgency

In the first North Asian Biennial, work from China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan raises issues of national identity and tradition.

Feb 1998

Eco-Safari in Zambia

Beautiful, friendly, and virtually untouristed--this is the next safari destination.

Aug 1996

On Each Palette, a Choice of Political Colors

On Taiwan, style is ideology. Traditional suggests unification with Beijing; conceptual, independence; oils, the ruling centrists.

Mar 1996

“Don’t Mess With Our Cultural Patrimony!”

A tale of politically loaded Chinese treasures, angry young Taiwanese, nervous corporate sponsors, and a sudden punch in the face.

Jan 1996

Munich Hits Its Stride

Central Europe's most exquisite city is German in name, Italian in appearance, and Bohemian in spirit.

Jun 1994

Vlady’s Conquests

Zhirinovsky's New York friends tell all.

Mar 1994

The Artists of South Africa: Separate, and Equal

Black art needs no white sympathy, but the reception it meets from whites is often patronizing or exploitative.

Dec 1993

Their Irony, Humor (and Art) Can Save China

Meet the willful, playful young artists who may be China's most subversive dissidents.

Oct 1993

The New Russian Money

The unofficial art movement of the old Soviet Union was formed by an absence of market. Glasnost changed all that.