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Articles by Andrew Solomon: International Reporting

Nov 2006

Conversations: Saved by Sand

The challenge of preservation in Libya.

May 2006

Circle of Fire: Letter from Libya

Libyan officials must far outstrip the Red Queen in her habit of believing six impossible things before breakfast.

Oct 2005

A Culinary Tour of China

In the past five years, Chinese cooking has risen phoenixlike from the ashes, and divine food is now to be found in the country's unnumbered restaurants.

Aug 2003

Song of Solomons

How often do you find a South Pacific island nation with your name on it? And how often does it turn out to be just what Herman Melville said it would?

Jun 2002

Museum Without Walls in Japan

Benesse Island is not just a museum. It is certainly not just a hotel. It is a synthesis of the two, and that synthesis feels very Japanese.

May 2002

My Dinner in Kabul

I did not go to Afghanistan for the food... Dinner my first night in Kabul, however, was a revelation.

Mar 2002

An Awakening From the Nightmare of the Taliban

The Afghans, with their rich culture largely destroyed, are hungry now for the arts.

Jul 1999

The Open Spaces of Mongolia

Into Asia's enchanting frontier.

Mar 1999

Nomad’s Land

In Mongolia, the very existence of an avant-garde comes as a surprise.

Jan 1999

Hot Night in Havana

At a New Year's Eve party in Cuba, mojitos flow, inhibitions drop and everyone eats like there's no tomorrow.