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Articles by Andrew Solomon: International Reporting

Feb 2013

In Bed With the President of Ghana?

The fact that local propagandists can plausibly suggest that the president of a West African country is in the hands of gay lobbyists reflects a changing world.

Oct 2011

Elegy for Qaddafi

Freedom from Muammar Qaddafi and his family is very good news for Libya; indeed, his demise is good news for the world.

Oct 2011

Revitalizing Rio de Janeiro

Antonio Carlos Jobim once explained, “New York is great, but it’s a mess; Rio is a mess, but it’s great.”

Aug 2011

Enigmas and Lies in Libya

As rebel forces enter Tripoli, the big question is what will happen to the Qaddafi regime.

Mar 2011

Why Qaddafi Has To Go

To contemplate the idea that there would ever be a correlation between what Qaddafi said and what he did is to miss the central tenet of his rule.

Feb 2011

How Qaddafi Lost Libya

Modern Libya is an artificial construct, a remnant of colonialism. The glue holding it together is failing, and the warnings of chaos are real.

Jan 2010

A Trip Through Peru

Everywhere we found water hyacinths in bloom; Monet’s lily pond had nothing on these streams.

Aug 2009

Megrahi’s Compassionate Release

Does the possibility that someone has been wrongly imprisoned increase the imperative to offer compassionate release?

Nov 2008

Adventures in Antarctica

The tropics may be fire, but the world ends in ice.

Jan 2008

Madagascar: A Safari Tour

The bizarre flora and fauna seem to be the result of a mad collaboration among Dr. Seuss, Jim Henson, and God.