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Articles by Andrew Solomon: Auctions & Exhibitions

Dec 1994

Moscow in New York

Lomography is not an art form; it's a way of being.

Dec 1993

Komar and Melamid

Komar and Melamid are the kings of nostalgia, ardent for the very sorrows that once gave them a claim to tragedy.

Jan 1993

A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma

Kochelev was indeed among that original group of visionaries for whom communism meant the glorious equality of all men.

Aug 1990

The Light of Derby

He is equally fascinated by the technical detail of the scientific event taking place and by the confused, distracted, and astonished responses of the audience.

Apr 1990

Empty Rooms

The triumph of northern art is its ability to move us not despite but rather by dint of restraint and exactness.

Mar 1990

Visions of Waking Dreams

Julia Margaret Cameron had her first one-woman show at Colnaghi in 1866. Andrew Solomon reviews her second.

Dec 1989

Painters Made of Turner Stuff

Fifty painters have contributed to the "Salute to Turner" exhibition. Andrew Solomon previews it.

Nov 1989

The Grand Old Avant-Garde

The idea is that the work is interesting not only because these three artists have collaborated on individual projects, but also because each influenced the mindset of the ...

Nov 1989

Surprise Symphony

John Cage has said: "Painting relates to both art and life. Neither can be made. (I try to act in the gap between the two.)"

Sep 1989

Cache Barriers

The expenditure of vast quantities of money requires privacy or it becomes vulgar...