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Articles by Andrew Solomon: Appeared in

Mar 2011

Why Qaddafi Has To Go

To contemplate the idea that there would ever be a correlation between what Qaddafi said and what he did is to miss the central tenet of his rule.

Feb 2011

How Qaddafi Lost Libya

Modern Libya is an artificial construct, a remnant of colonialism. The glue holding it together is failing, and the warnings of chaos are real.

Aug 2009

Megrahi’s Compassionate Release

Does the possibility that someone has been wrongly imprisoned increase the imperative to offer compassionate release?

May 2006

Circle of Fire: Letter from Libya

Libyan officials must far outstrip the Red Queen in her habit of believing six impossible things before breakfast.

Jan 1998

Anatomy of Melancholy

Depression afflicts millions of American each year, and many don't know where to turn when it strikes. The author recalls the greatest struggle of his life.

Aug 1996

Questions of Genius

Encounters with piano virtuoso Evgeny Kissin.

Mar 1996

Brett Again

Review of "Being Brett: Chronicle of a Daughter's Death," by Douglas Hobbie.

May 1995

A Death of One’s Own

Is it right to want to die? The author came to his own conclusion when his ailing mother decided that she had had enough.