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Articles by Andrew Solomon: Appeared in

Aug 1994

Defiantly Deaf

A steadily increasing number of deaf people have said that they would not choose to be hearing. To them, the word "cure" -- indeed the whole notion of deafness as pathology ...

Aug 1994

Squadrons of the Anonymous

Review of "Magdalena Abakanowicz," by Barbara Rose.

Mar 1994

The Artists of South Africa: Separate, and Equal

Black art needs no white sympathy, but the reception it meets from whites is often patronizing or exploitative.

Dec 1993

Their Irony, Humor (and Art) Can Save China

Meet the willful, playful young artists who may be China's most subversive dissidents.

Jul 1993

Young Russia’s Defiant Decadence

Some sex, more drugs and an insatiable lust for money in the brave new post-communal world.

Sep 1992

Artist of the Soviet Wreckage

Kabakov takes you by the hand and leads you from the oppressions of the world to the freedom within yourself.

Nov 1991

Those Sumptuous Russian-Flavored Storybooks

Russian culture is, traditionally, exuberantly child-oriented and unabashedly kitschy... Kitsch at its best is only the glorious overrichness and brightness of childhood ...

Sep 1991

Three Days in August

The artists found out long ago that the way to combat a government that presents lies as if they were the truth is to tell the truth as if it were a joke.