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Articles by Andrew Solomon: Appeared in

Feb 1998

Bill Viola’s Video Arcade

Viola uses technology to blur the distinctions between the visible and the invisible, the abstract and the concrete...

Feb 1997

The Jazz Martyr

Keith Jarrett still considers himself the conscience of jazz, and he doesn't hesitate to tell you why.

Aug 1996

On Each Palette, a Choice of Political Colors

On Taiwan, style is ideology. Traditional suggests unification with Beijing; conceptual, independence; oils, the ruling centrists.

Mar 1996

“Don’t Mess With Our Cultural Patrimony!”

A tale of politically loaded Chinese treasures, angry young Taiwanese, nervous corporate sponsors, and a sudden punch in the face.

Oct 1995

The Spoils of War

Review of "Beautiful Loot," by Konstantin Akinsha and Grigorii Kozlov with Sylvia Hochfield.

Oct 1995

Gore Vidal Receives a Visitor

Vidal of the memoir is, depressingly enough, as charming as a poodle skirt with a tennis sweater, as chic as old Balenciaga.

Oct 1995

Produced in the Soviet Dark, Collected by a Secret Admirer

An entire epoch in Russia's cultural history now has its major repository in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Jun 1995

Works From the Underground, Freed by Glasnost

Lost Russian artists, ruined work, missing materials, all put right at a huge show in Munich.

Mar 1995

Bruce Nauman, Complex Cowboy

Viewing his influential artwork is like walking through psychoanalysis: full of obsession, anxiety and wisdom.

Sep 1994

Special Effects the New Old-Fashioned Way

Unlike human actors, puppets can be mutilated, burned, sent flying and transformed into inhuman things. But unlike what goes on in the movies, it is real.