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Jul 2018

Video: After coming out to his parents, one man explores questions around family and identity

Andrew Solomon talks to TODAY Show host Megyn Kelly about coming out as gay to his parents, and about the new documentary Far from the Tree.

Jul 2018

Video: Couple with dwarfism talk about parenting, happiness

“The biggest difficulty of being a little person,” Stramondo notes, “isn’t our bodies, but it’s other people’s response to them.”

Jul 2018

Video: A Mother, A Son, and Down Syndrome

“I had to say to myself, ‘Is my child only worthwhile if he’s a superstar? Or is it alright to be a plain ordinary person with Down syndrome, or with a disability? Is it okay to be who you are?’ And that was my fundamental challenge.”

Feb 2016

Dad who fights for son with autism says he never gives up

Since Bill Davis’ son, Chris, was diagnosed with autism as a toddler, the Pennsylvania dad has learned to modify his expectations, often making changes where needed in order to help his son succeed.

Mar 2014

Video: NBC TODAY Show: Lanza’s parents ‘had no sense that Adam was dangerous’

TODAY Show correspondent Savannah Guthrie interviews Andrew Solomon about his interview with Peter Lanza, published in this week’s issue of The New Yorker.