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Nov 2012

Review of: Published in: Huffington Post

Solomon views the journey of his subject families—from denial to understanding, from confusion to acceptance—as one that every single parent takes, whatever the health or abilities of their children.

Nov 2012

Review of: Published in: New York Magazine

I have seldom read a book that made me feel moral quandaries as intensely as this one…I seldom cry at books, but I was moved to tears by Far From the Tree more times than I can count. What undid me, again and again, was the radical humanity of these parents, and their gratitude to and for children they never would have chosen.

Nov 2012

Review of: Published in: More

Their stories are entirely unpredictable and offer us the full range of human experience—not only the horror but also the astonishing beauty—and in the end a Shakespearean sense that we are such stuff as dreams are made of.

Sep 2012

Review of: Published in: Publishers Weekly

A profoundly moving new work of research and narrative explores the ways that parents of marginalized children have been transformed and largely enriched by caring for their high-needs children.

Sep 2012

Review of: Published in: Kirkus Reviews

An informative and moving book that raises profound issues regarding the nature of love, the value of human life and the future of humanity.

Aug 2012

Review of: Published in: Newsweek

Solomon journeys across national, ethnic, and religious lines to speak to parents about their children -- and along the way he learns about what makes us human.

Sep 2011

Review of: Published in: Labyrinth

Writing this book was a courageous act, worthy of respect and admiration.

Mar 2004

Review of: Published in: New Zealand Herald

The novel's tone is intimate and deeply moving, with so many well-crafted turns of phrase that I found it, in my delight, almost impossible to put down.

Jan 2004

Review of: Published in: American Journal of Psychiatry

The Noonday Demon... is permeated with the victim’s relentless honesty, curiosity, and passion to understand his own fall and to share the fruits of his scholarly journey.

Dec 2002

Review of: Published in: ETC: A Review of General Semantics

The novelist William Styron states that The Noonday Demon is "An amazingly rich and absorbing work ..." I heartily concur with that assessment.