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Press: Interviews

Oct 2013

Intervista: Andrew Solomon

Lo scrittore, in uscita con “Lontano dall’albero,” ci svela la sua rivoluzione genealogica.

Oct 2013

“Ich hatte Angst, Vater zu sein”

Der US-Autor Andrew Solomon hat Eltern besucht, die damit leben müssen, dass ihre Kinder ganz anders sind als sie selbst. (The U.S. author Andrew Solomon has interviewed parents who have to live with the fact that their children are very different from themselves.)

Oct 2013

Estranhos no Ninho

The dream of parenthood carries with it an undeniable dose of selfishness.

Oct 2013

Histórias de Família

Solomon’s extremely well-written and accessible book has been praised by doctors, scientists and the American public, as a dossier of tolerance and resilience – the response he hopes also to inspire in Brazilian readers.

Sep 2013

Andrew Solomon: By the Book

I’m never clear on how “self-help” differs from “help.” Books help; they’ve helped me to understand love, taught me empathy, and given me courage.

Sep 2013

Audio: The Sound of Ideas: Some More Different Than Others

An interview with Andrew Solomon and Ohio parents Frank Groh-Wargo and Lisa Bachman about the experience of parenting children who fall “far from the tree.”

Aug 2013

Video: CPAC-TV: Rockburn Presents Andrew Solomon

Award-winning host Ken Rockburn discusses family, religion, politics and healing with author and activist Andrew Solomon.

Aug 2013

Video: The Agenda with Steve Paikin: On Gay Marriage & Gay Identity

In this two-part interview, Andrew Solomon discusses gay marriage and gay identity with Steve Paikin, host of TVO’s The Agenda.

Aug 2013

Audio: Parenting Reimagined Interviews Andrew Solomon

Andrew Solomon discusses “Far from the Tree” with clinical psychologist Sherry Walling, Ph.D.

Jul 2013

Audio: An Exploration of Difference

A conversation with Phillip Adams, host of Late Night Live on ABC Radio Australia.