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Oct 2016

Audio: Spectator Books Podcast: Andrew Solomon on a Lifetime of Travel

Andrew talks with host Sam Leith about Trumpism, Brexit, needing somewhere to go — and how he found himself in Senegal “naked, covered in ram’s blood, drinking a coke and feeling pretty good”.

Oct 2016

Audio: Radio Romania Cultural: Depresia, boala secolului (Depression, illness of the century)

On this week’s Storymania, author Andrew Solomon, multimedia artist Cinty Ionescu, psychiatrist Florian Koleci, and host Adela Graceanu discuss depression, its treatment, and stigma surrounding it.

Oct 2016

Video: Andrew Solomon & Stephen Grosz, Jewish Book Week 2016

Andrew Solomon talks about travel and experience with psychoanalyst Stephen Grosz, author of The Examined Life.

Oct 2016

Audio: The Civilist with Steven Petrow: How To Talk About Depression

If someone comes to you and says, “I have depression,” the suitable response is always, “You are not alone and I will be there for you, and I will never love you or care about you less because of it.”

Oct 2016

Audio: Amanpour: Andrew Solomon on the Importance of Travel

Host Christiane Amanpour discusses British terror and the International Day of the Girl, and interviews Andrew Solomon on the importance of travel.

Oct 2016

Video: Sky News Debate: Would Hillary make a good president?

Andrew Solomon and Daily Telegraph columnist Janet Dailey discuss whether Hillary Clinton would make a good U.S. President.

Oct 2016

Audio: Radio New Zealand: The Brink of Change

Andrew Solomon talks with Sunday Morning presenter Wallace Chapman about what he’s learned, traveling across seven continents over twenty-five years.

Sep 2016

Video: Andrew Solomon on his “Far & Away” audiobook

Andrew Solomon talks about his audiobook, “Far & Away: Reporting from the Brink of Change.”

Sep 2016

Video: The Charlie Rose Show: Andrew Solomon on The Noonday Demon (2001)

In this 2001 interview, Charlie Rose interviews Andrew Solomon about The Noonday Demon, which chronicles his struggle with depression.

Jul 2016

Video: Charlie Rose: Far & Away with Andrew Solomon

Charlie Rose and Andrew Solomon discuss Andrew’s new book, “Far & Away: Reporting from the Brink of Change.”