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Press: Audio & Video

Jan 2020

Audio: Radio Diaries Podcast: My So-Called Lungs

The most recent episode of Radio Diaries Podcast features entries from audio diaries kept by memoirist Laura Rothenberg about her life with cystic fibrosis.

Jan 2020

Audio: Healing Our Ghosts: ReWrite Your Narrative to Survive and Thrive

Andrew shares his insight on the process of creating meaning, on the tension between acceptance and curing, and the ultimate power of compassion.

Nov 2019

Audio: So-Called Normal: Andrew Solomon Conversation with Mark Henick

Andrew Solomon discusses his experiences of depression, coming out to his family, and the making of the book and documentary “Far from the Tree,” with mental health advocate Mark Henick.

Oct 2019

Video: Childhood and Selfhood: Irene Butter in Conversation with Andrew Solomon

“Enemies are people whose story you haven’t heard,” says Dr. Irene Hasenberg Butter, a survivor of two concentration camps who has dedicated her life to Holocaust education.

Oct 2019

Video: Nexo: What I learned from Depression: Interview with Andrew Solomon

Nexo’s Antonio Mammi interviews American author Andrew Solomon on the relationship between depression and family.

Sep 2019

Video: Andrew Solomon Discusses His Work at Itaú Cultural

Cris Bartis and Juliana Wallauer of Mamilos Podcast talk to Andrew Solomon about his research, and about the documentary “Far From the Tree,” now playing in Brazil.

Jun 2019

Audio: Kobo in Conversation with Andrew Solomon

Andrew Solomon talks with Rakuten Kobo CEO Michael Tamblyn about his books, his creative process, and the books that shaped and inspire him.

Jun 2019

Audio: goop Podcast: The Difference Between Love and Acceptance

Andrew Solomon and Elise Loehnen Fissmer talk about the difference between love and acceptance, expanding the definition of family, and the ways our lives can be enriched by the diversity of the world.

Jan 2019

Video: Columbia Conference on Mental Health Journalism & Media

An interview with Andrew Solomon at a symposium for researchers who communicate with the public on mental health and addiction issues.

Jan 2019

Video: Andrew Solomon and Dr. Michael Wigler Parent Q&A

At a recent screening of “Far From the Tree,” Andrew Solomon and autism researcher Dr. Michael Wigler offer some advice for parents of children who are “different.”