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Press: Audio & Video

Sep 2018

Video: The S Word: Talk About It

In this 3-part conversation, author Andrew Solomon and psychologists Dr. Thomas Joiner and Dr. Kita Curry posit that talking about suicide reduces the fear surrounding getting help and moving forward.

Aug 2018

Audio: RadioWest: Andrew Solomon on the new documentary, “Far From the Tree”

Andrew Solomon joins RadioWest host Doug Fabrizio to discuss the new documentary, Far From the Tree, directed by Rachel Dretzin and based on Solomon’s award-winning 2012 book.

Aug 2018

Conversa Com Bial: Andrew Solomon afirma: “É importante acabar com a depressão, não com a tristeza”

Pedro Bial went to New York to chat with writer Andrew Solomon about depression, and about his book, The Noonday Demon.

Aug 2018

Audio: Be Reel Director Interview: Rachel Dretzin on “Far From the Tree”

Be Reel host Chance talks to veteran documentarian Rachel Dretzin about her new film Far From The Tree. They discuss her surprisingly close collaboration with bestselling author Andrew Solomon and how to be ethically curious when interviewing people with disabilities.

Aug 2018

Audio: KXL FM: “Far From the Tree” Review & Andrew Solomon Interview

“You’ll leave the theater wanting more. I did… I think I’m a better person for seeing this movie. You will be, too.”

Aug 2018

Audio: Radiotopia: The Great God of Depression

In 1998, neurologist Alice Flaherty developed a rare mental illness, in which she felt compelled to write constantly and everywhere. Alice’s search for understanding led her to the celebrated author William Styron.

Aug 2018

Video: Maryland family shares powerful story of son with autism in new documentary, ‘Far From The Tree’

FOX 5’s Kevin McCarthy visited the Allnutt family of Gaithersburg, Maryland, who are featured in the new documentary, “Far From the Tree.”

Aug 2018

Video: 2018 Nantucket Book Festival: Andrew Solomon on Illness and Identity

Co-sponsored by Fairwinds — Nantucket’s Counseling Center.

Aug 2018

Audio: 5×15: Facing Down the Noonday Demon

Andrew Solomon describes the experience of facing down depression. Recorded at 5×15, The Tabernacle, London, February 29, 2016.

Jul 2018

Video: Great Day Washington: “Far From the Tree,” a documentary on love and family

Author Andrew Solomon and director Rachel Dretzin join Great Day Washington host Markette Sheppard to discuss the new documentary, Far from the Tree.