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Press: Audio & Video

Jun 2021

Audio: Mental Illness Happy Hour: The Intersection of Mental Health & LGBTQ+ Advocacy

Andrew Solomon, Juan Acosta and host Paul Gilmartin discuss mental health advocacy, LGBTQ+ advocacy, and how these issues overlap.

Jun 2021

Audio: Gravity Podcast: On Families of All Kinds

Lucy Kalanithi and Andrew Solomon explore what becomes possible when we bust the myth of the ideal nuclear family.

Apr 2021

Audio: New York Times Book Review Podcast: The Invention of Miracles

Andrew Solomon joins New York Times Book Review Podcast host Pamela Paul to discuss Katie Booth’s new biography of Alexander Graham Bell, The Invention of Miracles.

Apr 2021

Audio: Andrew Solomon Featured in New York Times Book Review Podcast Anniversary Selection

“Part of what’s compelling about these books is that the enormous beauty that’s in them constitutes a form of hope. So on the one hand, that people die, and on the other hand, that people live so richly in that instant before they die.”

Apr 2021

Audio: 18Forty Podcast: Andrew Solomon on Intergenerational Divergence

Andrew Solomon talks about intergenerational divergence, as well as his book, Far from the Tree, which inspired the topic

Apr 2021

Audio: RadioWest: Polygamy, Polyamory & The Changing American Family

Andrew Solomon talks to KUER’s Doug Fabrizio about what it might mean to widen the definition of family.

Mar 2021

Video: Inside the Mind of an American Family

Andrew Solomon and Robert Kolker discuss Kolker’s new book, Hidden Valley Road, which tells the story of the Galvin family, a large Colorado family of boys a majority of whom were diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Feb 2021

Video: Assume Nothing: Tanya Selvaratnam with Andrew Solomon

Andrew Solomon joins writer, artist, and award-winning filmmaker Tanya Selvaratnam to discuss Tanya’s new book, Assume Nothing: A Story of Intimate Violence.

Jan 2021

Video: How One Polygamous Family Changed the Law

The Darger family, a husband and three wives with twenty-five children, fought to decriminalize polygamy in Utah—and won.

Dec 2020

Video: 2020 Fronteiras do Pensamento Conference

Andrew Solomon discusses the need to acknowledge the humanity we share with all human beings; humans’ relations to pets and objects; and the potentially positive outcomes of lockdowns.