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Press: Audio & Video

Apr 2018

Video: ‘A Dangerous Son’ Chronicles Children With Mental Illness

Andrew Solomon is featured in Liz Garbus’s documentary, “A Dangerous Son,” which follows three children with mental illness and their families’ struggles to secure help for them.

Apr 2018

Talking Books Podcast: “Far and Away” with Andrew Solomon

Andrew talks to Talking Books host Susan Cahill about his book, Far and Away: Reporting from the Brink of Change.

Nov 2017

Far from the Tree Premiere: Q&A with Andrew Solomon & Director Rachel Dretzin

After the premiere of the documentary “Far from the Tree,” director and producer Rachel Dretzin, author and producer Andrew Solomon, co-director and producer Jamila Ephron, and cast members gather onstage for a Q&A.

Nov 2017

Video: SalonTalks Interviews Andrew Solomon & “Far from the Tree” Director Rachel Dretzin

The new documentary, based on Andrew Solomon’s book of the same name, explores the depth of parents’ love as they raise children with conditions such as autism, Down syndrome and dwarfism.

Nov 2017

Video: Far From the Tree Asks: How Do We Decide What to Celebrate?

The film profiles a number of people with forms of difference — including dwarfism, autism, and Down syndrome — to ask an important question: What do we decide to celebrate?

Nov 2017

Video: Far From The Tree: Discover The True Nature Of Family (Documentary Excerpt)

Family isn’t always what you thought it might be.

Oct 2017

Video: Elyn Saks & Andrew Solomon Talk About Mental Health

Author Elyn Saks and Andrew Solomon speak about mental health and their award-winning books.

Oct 2017

VideoOut: The Most Valuable Thing Is Love

Sometimes life is hard, and sometimes you realize you’re living a lie, but that’s why love is the most valuable thing we can have.

Oct 2017

Video: Art as Activism: An Evening with Ai Weiwei

Literature is a place where we can construct new realities together, but unless the literature available to us is representative, those new realities threaten to reconstruct the prejudice and discrimination of the world we live in. — Ai Weiwei

Sep 2017

Audio: Kansas Public Radio: Conversations with Dan Skinner

Andrew Solomon talks to Conversations host Dan Skinner about the newly published young adult edition of his award-winning 2012 book on families living with difference.