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Press: Audio & Video

Oct 2020

Video: A Good Time to Be Born: Perri Klass and Andrew Solomon

Andrew Solomon joins Perri Klass to discuss her new book, “A Good Time to Be Born: How Science and Public Health Gave Children a Future.”

Oct 2020

Video: Boxed In: The Pandemic’s Psychological Impact on Children

Author Andrew Solomon and school counselor Amanda Jo Bustamante discuss the psychological effects — fear, anxiety and social isolation — of the COVID-19 pandemic on children.

Oct 2020

Video: Narratives of Health and Identity: Danielle Spencer with Andrew Solomon

Andrew Solomon joins author Danielle Spender for a discussion of her new book, “Metagnosis: Revelatory Narratives of Health and Identity.”

Sep 2020

Audio: The Noonday Demon: Talkspace Interview with Andrew Solomon

Andrew Solomon joins Derrick Hull, Talkspace’s VP of Clinical Research and Development, for a discussion of scientific research on depression and how it fits into the broader systemic way in which we approach mental illness.

Sep 2020

Video: Andrew Solomon at Cognition: Unisinos Online Conference

Andrew Solomon discusses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health.

Jul 2020

Video: Open Book with NPR’s Scott Simon

Andrew Solomon joins NPR journalist Scott Simon for a wide-ranging, informal conversation.

Jul 2020

MoMA Podcast: The Case for Artistic Genius

Andrew Solomon and Alex Halberstadt discuss whether creative genius is partly a function of timing, its uneasy relationship to race and gender, and Solomon’s contention that “genius reflects the ability to add something of value to human consciousness.”

Jun 2020

Beyond Well Podcast: What We Take From This

Andrew Solomon and Beyond Well host Sheila Hamilton discuss the COVID-19-induced epidemic of depression, anxiety, loneliness, job insecurity, and fears for the future.

Jun 2020

The Reaction Podcast: “Reality Feels Very Tenuous Right Now”

Andrew Solomon joins The Reaction Podcast host Alastair Benn for a discussion about the impact of the coronavirus on mental health.

May 2020

No Filter Podcast: 6 parents, 4 kids, 3 states: Andrew Solomon’s Beautiful Modern Family

Andrew Solomon joins Mia Freedman for an expansive, inspiring conversation about depression, sexuality and building a loving family.