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Apr 2013

The Heartbreaking Realization of Parental Love

This is ultimately a book that strikes to the heart of parenthood itself — that no-holds-barred, real, live, messy human connection, and the ways it is forged, broken, healed, and held.

Mar 2013

A Killer in the Family

“I think they spoke to me because they wanted to ensure that Dylan was known with his nuances, as someone who was capable of kindness, himself, even though he ultimately engaged in a terrible act.”

Mar 2013

Mint: Q&A with Andrew Solomon

The journalist and academic on how people with differences make for a richer and better society.

Mar 2013

Anna Quindlen and Andrew Solomon Join Discussion About Media and Transgender Children

As Solomon suggests over and over again in his exceptional book, parents frequently make decisions based on a complex calculus that has as much to do with them as their kids.

Mar 2013

Video: Andrew Solomon discusses his audiobook, “Far from the Tree”

Andrew Solomon discusses “Far from the Tree,” and the process of creating the audiobook.

Mar 2013

Q&A With “The Noonday Demon” Author Andrew Solomon

Depression is fundamentally a disease of loneliness… knowing others have been through the same things can be very helpful.

Mar 2013

Andrew Solomon Named for 2013 GRASP Friend & Benefactor Award

This immense and thorough book is one of the greatest tributes we now have to pluralism itself.

Mar 2013

Books for a Better Life Award Goes to Andrew Solomon for “Far from the Tree”

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s annual kudos to authors of outstanding works in the field of self-help.

Mar 2013

20th Annual Media for a Just Society Awards To Honor Andrew Solomon

This year the MJS Awards will honor Andrew Solomon, author of the landmark book “Far From the Tree,” with the Distinguished Achievement Award in Nonfiction.

Feb 2013

The Meaning and Power of Love

“Far From the Tree” is an act of public service, designed to help those in isolated predicaments and to give a voice to children routinely sidelined by society.