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Nov 2012

Video: Far from the Tree: Thriving with Exceptional Children

Savannah Guthrie interviews Andrew Solomon about Far from the Tree and his experience interviewing the parents of Columbine High School shooter Dylan Klebold.

Nov 2012

Tiger Mothers Will Disagree, but You Can’t Manufacture a Prodigy

Solomon’s previous book, “The Noonday Demon,” was a deeply intelligent study on depression. The same mixture of thorough reporting, humanity and erudition informs “Far From the Tree.”

Nov 2012

Ambassador to the Interior

Solomon discusses Far from the Tree and the influence of his subjects on his own journey to fatherhood.

Oct 2012

A Horizontal Identity

The author of The Noonday Demon, a landmark work on depression, returns with an even more profound inquiry: What does it mean to be born different?

Oct 2012

Extraordinary Children: PW Talks with Andrew Solomon

Andrew Solomon’s new book is a behemoth worth every one of its 976 pages.

May 2012

Video: The Brain Series 2: Depression

Charlie Rose interviews author Andrew Solomon, and neuroscientists Eric Kandel, Peter Whybrow, Frederick Goodwin and Helen Mayberg.

Apr 2012

Gay Parenting: It’s Complicated

Undeterred by all they have to go through to make it happen, increasing numbers of gay couples are choosing to have children.

Nov 2011

Video: Ink on Shrinks: Writers on Therapy

Andrew Solomon, Patricia Marx and David Rakoff offer readings about therapy and their therapists, real and fictionalized.

Jul 2011

Video: Jed Foundation Tenth Annual Gala

Highlights from the Jed Foundation’s Tenth Annual Gala, held on June 2, 2011, in New York City

Jun 2011

Video: World Science Festival: The Origins of Orientation

Andrew Solomon is moderator of this World Science Festival symposium on sexual orientation, sexuality and gender, and the interaction of biology and culture in the development of sexuality.