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Mar 2018

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Teroarea nu vine din lucrurile pe care autorul ti le istoriseste despre lume, ci din adevarurile ingrozitoare pe care, cu aceasta ocazie, s-ar putea sa le afli despre propria ta tristete de amiaza.

Aug 2017

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Because of his own experience and his facility with words and analogy, Andrew Solomon is able to articulate how those experiences feel in such a way that they are understandable to those who have not suffered through the experiences themselves.

Aug 2016

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Be prepared for the fact that depression can return, but now not as something terrible and bearing unbearable suffering, but as a difficult old acquaintance with whom you have already learned to communicate.

Mar 2016

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Ninguém pode acusar Andrew Solomon de não ter feito o seu trabalho de campo. Para este “atlas” de uma doença que afeta uma parte substancial da humanidade, ele carreou anos de experiência prática dolorosa.

Feb 2016

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A edição portuguesa, da Quetzal, inclui um capítulo onde o autor faz uma actualização do estado da arte até 2015. E os números são gigantes.

May 2014

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Demonul amiezii este, înainte de toate, un manifest pentru empatie.

Mar 2014

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Subiectul ei e mult mai vast decat depresia, este omul întreg.

Jun 2013

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In Far From the Tree Solomon showed that disability and difference can be viewed in a positive light. In The Noonday Demon he shows how depression can also be viewed in the same way.

Sep 2011

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Writing this book was a courageous act, worthy of respect and admiration.

Jan 2004

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The Noonday Demon... is permeated with the victim’s relentless honesty, curiosity, and passion to understand his own fall and to share the fruits of his scholarly journey.