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Articles by Andrew Solomon: Food, Travel & Design

Jan 2002

The Kitchen Shrink

When anxiety strikes, you can try talk therapy — or you can try kitchen therapy.

Oct 2001

Perfectly Frank

The paintings of Frank Moore are bright and cheery, yet they depict a world ravaged by toxins and disease. The artist’s light-filled Manhattan loft also confounds our ...

Apr 2001

The Pavilionaire

One room huts or luxury retreats? The designer Jeffrey Cayle thinks they're a bit of both.

Jan 2001

Homme Alone


May 2000

Caribbean Idyll

Charter the Ocean Kestrel and you get a skipper to sail you anywhere, a girl Friday to bring you rum punch and a chef to feed your fantasies.

Jan 2000

The Sedona Spirit

At Enchantment Resort, red-rock canyons meet spa cuisine.

Jul 1999

The Open Spaces of Mongolia

Into Asia's enchanting frontier.

Mar 1999

Balancing Act

The designer John Bartlett has made his name by combining the familiar with the unexpected. Andrew Solomon looks at the man behind the label.

Jan 1999

Hot Night in Havana

At a New Year's Eve party in Cuba, mojitos flow, inhibitions drop and everyone eats like there's no tomorrow.

Dec 1998

The Telephone Christmas

Or how a New Yorker in London spent 40 hours on the phone (and $420 on candied yams) to make his first holiday dinner.