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Articles by Andrew Solomon: Disability, Health & Disease

Jul 2003

The Amazing Life of Laura

Laura had made the rare discovery of a way to contain her illness, as though she and it were roommates in her body.

Apr 2003

I Remember It, um, Well

Between that which we naturally remember and that which we naturally forget lie our emotions, which we half remember, which haze but are never quite lost, which are always ...

Feb 2002

The Art of Losing

Here is the tragedy: we have no idea what passed. We are never told what might have been.

Mar 1996

Brett Again

Review of "Being Brett: Chronicle of a Daughter's Death," by Douglas Hobbie.

Aug 1994

Defiantly Deaf

A steadily increasing number of deaf people have said that they would not choose to be hearing. To them, the word "cure" -- indeed the whole notion of deafness as pathology ...