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Articles by Andrew Solomon: Disability, Health & Disease

Feb 2016

The Good Death, When Breath Becomes Air and More

Life would feel short even if we could expect to live two centuries.

Oct 2015

The Myth of the ‘Autistic Shooter’

Failing to intuit certain aspects of other people’s inner experience does not equate to disdain for human life.

Dec 2014

Far from the Tree

Love is ideally present unconditionally throughout the relationship between a parent and a child. But acceptance is something that takes time.

Sep 2014

Identity or Behavior: A Moral and Medical Basis for LGBTQ Rights

The rights of minority groups should not be predicated on their lack of choice.

Jul 2013

Autism, An Insider’s Guide

Review of "The Reason I Jump" by Naoki Higashida.

Jun 2013

Deeda Blair’s Elegance of Conviction

Whether she’s tackling the complexities of science or style, Deeda Blair approaches all facets of life with quiet but unwavering discipline.

Apr 2013

Medical Progress, Social Progress, and Legal Regression

Choice strengthens families no matter what choice they make.

Jul 2008

Cancer & Creativity: One Chef’s True Story

There is no more fundamental human power than the ability to find strength and meaning in adversity.

May 2008

The Autism Rights Movement

A new wave of activists wants to celebrate atypical brain function as a positive identity, not a disability. Opponents call them dangerously deluded.

Aug 2005

A New Look at Dwarfs

Review of "The Lives of Dwarfs" and "Dwarfism," by Betty M. Adelson.