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Articles by Andrew Solomon: Book Reviews & Commentary

Oct 1995

The Spoils of War

Review of "Beautiful Loot," by Konstantin Akinsha and Grigorii Kozlov with Sylvia Hochfield.

Jul 1995

Sensationalism Sells

Review of "Mapplethorpe: A Biography," by Patricia Morrisroe.

Sep 1994

Isn’t the Truth Always a Mosaic?

Review of "Goldberg's Angel: An Adventure in the Antiquities Trade," by Dan Hofstadter.

Aug 1994

Squadrons of the Anonymous

Review of "Magdalena Abakanowicz," by Barbara Rose.

Nov 1991

Those Sumptuous Russian-Flavored Storybooks

Russian culture is, traditionally, exuberantly child-oriented and unabashedly kitschy... Kitsch at its best is only the glorious overrichness and brightness of childhood ...

Nov 1987

Spy’ll Take Manhattan

Capturing a twist of New York Zeitgeist, Spy magazine is one year old and quite grown up.